Welcome to the ZHAO Qi Team

We are a team of bioinformatic researchers at the Sun Yat-sen university Cancer Center, specializing in GI cancer research. Our team is also part of the bioinformatic platform led by Professor REN Jian, which you can learn more about at https://renlab.org/.

Our research focuses on developing new algorithms, applications, and database tools to analyze GI cancer omic data. We also use machine-learning approaches to identify biomarkers for tumor diagnosis and prognosis.

Currently, we are working on several fields, including:

Exploration of Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy

Developing Software and Database related to Cancer genomics

Developing novel targeting treatment strategies for GI cancers

Build Machine Learning based models for cancer diagnosis and prognosis

Gut Microbiota and tumor Microenvirment in Cancer Immunotherapy


19. Feb. 2024

Our new ecDNA allocating algorithm GCAP online todaylinc. Congrat to Shixiang Wang. GCAP enables determining ecDNA status from the WES dataset. with GCAP, we further reveal that ecDNA can be a promising biomarker for ICI treatment in GI cancers.

20. Dec. 2023

We built a bioinformatics tool repository enabling indexing and commenting thousands of bioinformatic tools, which was published as a cover story recently in Science China Life sciences linc

21. Sep. 2023

The story regarding single-cell based dynamic microenvironment of EBV positive gastric cancer before and after anti-PD1 treatment is published in Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapylink

6. June. 2023

Genomic based cancer evolution analysis of Gastric mixed adenoneuroendocrine carcinoma (MANEC) is finally published in Cell Report link

22. May. 2023

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